Monday, January 31, 2011

Where it all started

        Eleven years ago my little brother was born extremely pre-mature. As time progressed we realized that that wasn't the only thing different about him. By the time he reached his toddler years, he was still unable to speak and socialize like the average child. It didn't take long before he was diagnosed with autism. Now, at the age where he should be playing sports, making friends, and having crushes, he is still unable to speak and socialize like the average child. For about nine years my family has taken part in the Autism Speaks fundraiser, in hopes that someone somewhere will make a breakthrough to help him, and all the other children like him, develop like every other kid. While 1 in every 110 children are diagnosed with autism, the rate is even higher for boys (1 in 70). Growing up with him is what triggered this subject for my blog. What I've learned from him and what I've learned about autism will be the common thread throughout this blog.

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  1. I really like this idea for a blog. It's awesome that you are willing to share your brother's story and let others know about autism and what we can learn from it. I am interested in reading more and getting to know more about your brother's experience and autism in general. Maybe you could post an entry about the Autism Speaks Fundraiser so I could post information about it on my volunteer blog?