Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As I think I've said before, my family is activley involved in the "Autism Speaks" fundraiser walk, where we raise money and get sponsered for walking every year. We have walked in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. There are a couple of major fundraisers we organize every year gather money to donate to the organization which have been very helpful. The first big one we created was a dance/gathering down in Mass at the local John Alden Club that alot of my family members have been members of for a while. Generally we charge ten dollars a ticket or two for fifteen dollars. The DJ and bartender have always been friends to the family who don't charge us for their services. I have become close with the owners of the local pizza places and sub shops in the area, and they have come to expect me around the end of the summer requesting a food donation. At the dance itself we always create a 50/50 raffle but on multiple occassions the winner donates all the money right back to Autism Speaks. It's always impressed me how many people show up and how many donate their time or supplies to help us raise money. There has also often been a company that shows their support by doubling the money we raise and adding it to the donations. The second major event we construct is a car wash usually around July, and although it tends to be less productive than the dance we do raise a significant amount of money.

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