Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Activities

My little brother has been placed in a variety of activities to keep working on his motor skills and coordination. These sports also serve as a way for him to focus his energy in a productive manner. Since both me and my brother are half siblings sharing a father while spending the majority of our time with our mothers, it is on weekend visits that we see each other. In the house we visit, there is a fire place in the living room opposite to an open doorway leading to a hallway and then the kitchen. My little brother would run from the kitchen to the fireplace and back, over and over again. When he was not doing this and jumping around in that area, he was focusing on climbing up the railing on the stairs. Needless to say this little boy had too much energy that needed to be focused in a better way. We signed him up for ice skating, horseback riding, and gymnastics. He generally excelled at all of these things after practice. These were ways to focus his energy and anger and also practice balance and coordination. I strongly advise parents with autistic children to include their child in some sort of sport or activity to help them release the anger I explained previously with the temper tantrums. Its a great, active way to keep them happy and healthy.

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